Eleanor's Diary

Tuesday, January 27, 2009, 7:20 PM
Memories Of That Night
By Cj and Tracy

I saw the stars fall down from heaven that night, The winter wind causing us to draw our bodies closer.
I imprinted your name in my memories so I would remember you.

Sometimes it hurts so bad I don't know what to do,
and the cure is so simple like the ending in some tragic play,
But I'm so afraid it's so hard to explain

And suddenly I gave up hope on love cause she is the only one I adore
and then I scream hoping it's just another horrible dream of the day we said goodbye
It's so hard to breathe.

I want to sleep but there is memories of are romantic night falling back in to my head
and then I scream I miss you terribly, Do you remember me

Sometimes I feel that it was destined for us not to fall in love
just live are normal lives like nothing happened at all
Not caring at all about each others heart

And suddenly I gave up hope on love cause he is the one I adore
and then I scream hoping it's just another horrible dream when we said goodbye
It's so hard to breathe

I ran to your house as it hit breaking dawn
hoping that you would still remember me and there you opened the door

I had a dream last night of you coming to my front door and
At breaking dawn my dream came true there you where at my front door steps
and the memories of that night came back strong in all details never to be erased

(Male and Female)
I never have to scream

Wednesday, January 14, 2009, 11:45 AM
Death Penalty and Headaches
Today has been a slow day at school except for 1st block .for the past two A days of 1st block I been getting headaches be cause of these debates that my theacher wants us to do like last A day first block (which was on a Monday) we was debating about the death penalty and this girl was saying that murders needs a second chance but I didn't think so.Later on the debate grew more violent and I was about to give up untill this chick said even If Charles Manson and Hitler was sent for the death penatly they should have a second chance I went crazy over what she said and I tried my best to make her understand that this was crazy talk then she said we are not the one
to judge who dies or lives only god can.There I couldn't fight back what could I say she was right but then I started to think what should we do if give them this chance to live they may take another life.This was really testing me so to prevent a headache I plugged in my headphones to Tracy's spliter and listend to her mp3 ( come to found out the next A day that same girl was talking about if she need to shoot someone that she wouldn't miss talk about two face!)

Thursday, December 25, 2008, 9:12 PM
Red Neck Christmas!!
Ahhh!!,I can officially say I had a Good Red Neck Christmas at Mr. Allen's house in the deep valley of many mountains. It was fun meeting relatives you have never seen in your whole life and still having a good time with them. At first I was like "RAWR" I don’t want to go to the sticks there is no signal here and plus there are to many roads that go up and down, left to right, swung this way and that way witch made me and my mom sick to are tummies and the further we went the more I was freaked out cause of the fact that it was starting to looking allot like Silent Hill in the sticks(Oh Joy and Happiness...not) but after a night there it got better and I was also lucky to be in a hotel with Internet YAY, but I was also lucky that I went up here cause I was able to see my sister and my brother-in-law on Wednesday and I was also able to spend a Christmas with Grandma Busy and Poppa with his family. We ate well (They Had Pie =D) and Listened to some Blue Grass (I Believe that’s right XD) played by some of my relatives they also did some Flat foot dancing too it was quite a show. Then we said are goodbyes and gave wonderful hugs and went back to the hotel and ended up eating at a restaurant that was like a waffle house but alit better. Mom and I shared a plate of southern smothered biscuits (yum!).After that we headed back to our hotel rooms then mom and dad passed out and at the last minutes of Christmas I finished them off by listening to Fleetwood Mac. What a Awesome Christmas! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas like I did

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Hi!,I'm Chris but you call me Cj,Ceej,or Nowe but what ever rocks your boat its fine by me anywho,I love to do anything in arts like: Painting,Clay,Drawing,etc. and I believe it's a great gift that god has blessed me with,and it shall not go to waste. I love you help others with anything really as long it doesn't get me in trouble. I think I see the world differently then other humans plus I have a wide opened mind maybe that has to do something with it .I think Fantasy likes to mixe with the real world in my view of earth but that's what seem to make me a odd ball and everyone seems to in joy it and that is just fine with me


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